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Spring 2001
Issue 17

Awakening The Buddhist Heart
An Interview with Lama Surya Das

By Peter Moore

My Father’s Clouds:
A Line In The Sand

By John Borowski

On The Path:
The Wonder of Bamboo

By Bob Czimbal

Live Foods for Life
By John Checkal

Toxic Waste in the Public Well:
The Lie About Fluoride
or Why I No Longer Feed My Kid
Rat Poison

By Miriam Green

Physicians’ Perspective:
In Harm’s Way:
Toxic Threats to Child Development

By Dr. Rick Bayer

Building with Oregon Cob
A Leap of the Imagination

By Becky Kemery

Leaving Home:
Singing Off Key

By Ness Mountain

Taking Refuge
By SarahJoy Marsh

Spring Greens
By Sharol Tilgner, ND

Listening to the Wildflowers
By Camilla Bishop

Tongue in Cheek
about Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviors & Other Oral Traditions

By Kalab Honey

“The Gift”
by Nancy Bright

Nancy Bright is a self-taught watercolor painter widely recognized for her touching spiritual imagery. In “The Gift”, the seedling within the circle of stones represents the sacred obligation we have to mother earth to acknowledge and care for the gifts we are so freely given.

For a free catalogue of greeting cards and prints call 541-342-8051. You can also visit Bright Creations on the world wide web at www.brightcreationsart.com. Nancy also sells at the Eugene Saturday Market.

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