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Fall 2000
Issue 15

"Whose Streets? Our Streets!!” A Gen-X Correspondent Reports from the National Conventions
by Kerul Dyer

Deep Green Rising, May Day 2000
by William Benz

Leaving Home:
Eastern Oregon Breakfast, Ralph Nader, and the New Politics of Reconciliation
by Ness Mountain

Bush and Gore Make Me Wanna Ralph
A Letter to the Non-Voters of America
by Michael Moore

Shelter That Sustains
by Becky Kemery

The War on Drugs =
A War on Sick People and Doctors
by Rick Bayer, MD

Bug Chasers
by Daniel Hill

Dreams of Kindness, Love and Grace
by Carolyn Berry

Conflict and Love
by Stan Siver

On The Path
by Bob Czimbal

The Dance of Raven and Eagle
by Hanneli Francis

Cover Art & Artist

Late Summer Reading” (oil on canvas)
by D. Brent Burkett

In the backyard, sitting under the plumtree with a good book, is the setting for “Late Summer Reading,” an oil painting by Springfield artist D. Brent Burkett. He paints Oregon life, illustrates children’s magazines and books, and just completed a mural for the city of Springfield. His paintings are available through the Alder Gallery in Coburg and Artspace Gallery in Bay City.

“Living in the Northwest, close to many beautiful places, is an opportunity. I am thankful to be able to paint everyday.”

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