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Winter '98 Issue 8

Opening Thoughts

Tiffiny - A Story For Our Time
by Geronimo Tagatac

A Doctor Critiques The Hospital Setting: Is This Really The Best We Can Do For Our Patients?
by Will Lasersohn, MD

Time and Again, Ad Infinitum: Is This The New Millennium, Or What?
by William P. Benz

Spiritual Emergence/

by Paul Levy

In Harmony, On Behalf Of Our Nation's Children: Creating A Community Solution For Children At Risk
by Brook MacNamara

Preparing Children and the World for Each Other
by AJ Talley

The Dreaming Media: A Dark Spirit Arises From The Collective Unconscious
by Howard Brockman

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
by Carolyn Berry

My Light Opera Vision Quest
by Coral Gaggiani

Leaving Home
by Ness Mountain

Herbal Treatment For Preventing Colds & Flu
by Dr. Richard Schulze

Starry Eyed
by Spyrit

Cover Art & Artist

“My art and creativity are a celebration of life! I love it when people describe my work as ‘happy, playful, powerful, brave, insightful and beautiful”—because that is how I feel when I am creating. I am so clear that creativity is what all people need to be experiencing in their lives . . . as said by the poet Rumi: Let the beauty we love be what we do.

“I deeply believe the creative process is a healing tool. As a Christian and a Feminist, my art also focuses on the healing of women and their families and is one of the ways I worship and rejoice in the Creator.”

Shiloh McCloud has her own gallery, A Color of Woman, in Port Townsend, Washington. and is publisher of "Color of Woman, A Coloring Book and Journal." To connect with Shiloh and her gallery, call 1-888-385-6866

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