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Winter '98 Issue 8

Opening Thoughts

Tiffiny - A Story For Our Time
by Geronimo Tagatac

A Doctor Critiques The Hospital Setting: Is This Really The Best We Can Do For Our Patients?
by Will Lasersohn, MD

Time and Again, Ad Infinitum: Is This The New Millennium, Or What?
by William P. Benz

Spiritual Emergence/

by Paul Levy

In Harmony, On Behalf Of Our Nation's Children: Creating A Community Solution For Children At Risk
by Brook MacNamara

Preparing Children and the World for Each Other
by AJ Talley

The Dreaming Media: A Dark Spirit Arises From The Collective Unconscious
by Howard Brockman

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
by Carolyn Berry

My Light Opera Vision Quest
by Coral Gaggiani

Leaving Home
by Ness Mountain

Herbal Treatment For Preventing Colds & Flu
by Dr. Richard Schulze

Starry Eyed
by Spyrit

Cover Art & Artist

“A Close Variation on Chuck” is a self portrait by James Kirk. James describes this as a take-off on the work of Chuck Close, “a giant in the art world” who has led the revolution in photo-realistic and neo-realistic art. “This is art that shows, perhaps even exaggerates, those personal features that some might characterize as “flaws”the wrinkles, the veins in the eyes, the mottled flesh tones.”

James Kirk was born in downtown L.A. when it was a nice clean town, surrounded by orchards, with a model mass-transit streetcar system and no pollution. He began adulthood at 16 by dropping out of high school and joining the Armed Services. After World War II, he went to college and began a dual career as artist and teacher. James has lived in Oregon for 38 years and finally retired in 1998 after teaching art for 47 years.

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