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Winter 98 - 99
Issue 8

Opening Thoughts

Tiffiny - A Story For Our Time
by Geronimo Tagatac

A Doctor Critiques The Hospital Setting: Is This Really The Best We Can Do For Our Patients?
by Will Lasersohn, MD

Time and Again, Ad Infinitum: Is This The New Millennium, Or What?
by William P. Benz

Spiritual Emergence/

by Paul Levy

In Harmony, On Behalf Of Our Nation's Children: Creating A Community Solution For Children At Risk
by Brook MacNamara

Preparing Children and the World for Each Other
by AJ Talley

The Dreaming Media: A Dark Spirit Arises From The Collective Unconscious
by Howard Brockman

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
by Carolyn Berry

My Light Opera Vision Quest
by Coral Gaggiani

Leaving Home
by Ness Mountain

Herbal Treatment For Preventing Colds & Flu
by Dr. Richard Schulze

Starry Eyed
by Spyrit

(Herbal Treatment . . . )

There are hundreds of other known healing and protecting abilities of Echinacea besides colds, flu, sore throats and upper respiratory infections. A partial list includes inhibiting tumor growth, killing strep and staph bacteria, halting urinary tract infections, healing infected wounds, relieving hives and allergic reactions, stopping allergies, neutralizing toxic and poisonous insect and animal bites and stings, etc.

Garlic is the common name for the Latin botanical name Allium sativum. The medicinal usage of Garlic has been documented, if not worshipped, since the beginning of recorded history. From the Egyptians and Greeks to the Romans, Garlic was used as both food and strong medicine to strengthen and heal the body.

Why Garlic instead of Goldenseal root? The answer is, there really is no contest. Goldenseal is a much milder antibacterial bitter herb. Goldenseal contains phytochemical alkaloids that are moderately antibacterial. I’m a big fan of Goldenseal. It is wonderful for use on bacterial infections of the eyes, and mucous membranes of the sinus and throat. It is still a main component in my herbal eyewash, herbal sinus snuff and gargle. It is a wonderful herbal antibacterial that you can use on sensitive areas of the body. But compared to Garlic? GET REAL!

Garlic is one of the strongest medicinal plants on Earth. It can be diluted down to one part in 125,000 and still be effective. In fact, just the odor has proven to be highly antibacterial. It is an extremely effective and a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic, killing all types of bacteria on contact. Garlic is so esteemed in Russia it has been nicknamed “Russian penicillin.”

Garlic, as an anti-bacterial, has been proven to destroy many types of bacteria including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Cholera, E. coli, Bacterial Dysentery, Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Rheumatic bacteria, and others.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics are non-selective in their destruction of bacteria— they just destroy it all. This creates many problems because our body has many so-called friendly bacteria that we need for proper metabolic functions. This is why many people, after a course of antibiotics, have digestive problems, constipation, and yeast and fungal overgrowth infections. Our bodies also become immune to these antibiotics over time and sometimes dangerous resistant strains of bacteria are actually created in our body. None of these problems exist when using Garlic because of its natural selective bacterial destruction. In fact, the use of Garlic over time has been proven to enhance the intestinal micro flora.

Garlic has also been proven in the laboratory to be a very powerful anti-viral agent. Many doctors feel it’s the cure for the common cold. It destroys various viruses that cause upper respiratory infections and influenza. Garlic destroys on contact such viral infections as Measles, Mumps, Mononucleosis, Chicken pox, Herpes simplex #1 and #2, Herpes zoster, Viral Hepatitis, Scarlet fever, Rabies and others. So while some say that the reason you don’t catch colds when you eat Garlic is because no one will come near you, remember, Garlic is also a powerful anti-viral agent.

Garlic’s potent anti-fungal ability is second to none. In the laboratory it has proven to be more potent than most any known anti-fungal drug. Garlic will regulate the overgrowth of Candida albicans.

Garlic thins both red and white blood cells. It is a known fact that most viruses, including the common cold, grow faster and spread from cell to cell more easily when your white blood is thick. Garlic inhibits white blood cells from aggregating which, in turn, stops the advance of a cold or flu.

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