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Energy Work

Sheila King - Practitioner - Mentor - Level 4

The  Reconnection® & Reconnective Healing®

Sheila offers the life-changing work of Dr. Eric Pearl, bringing with her several decades of experience in the facilitation of healing and her own compassionate heart.

Sessions of Reconnective Healing bring in powerful new frequencies for the purpose of healing. Healings also clear the way for the larger Reconnection.

The personal Reconnection allows for the exchange of light and information on levels never before experienced, a transformative experience.

Sheila is an active practitioner of the work as well as mentor to others and she is fortunate to be one of Dr. Pearl’s teaching assistants.

• Adults • Children • Animals • Practitioner support groups

Reconnect 333@aol.com


for more information about Dr. Pearl and his work, seminars, etc. visit:

Reiki House
since 1986

You are energy.  Everything is energy.  Energy matters!

Reiki is a simple, yet elegant system of healing, quantum healing brought forth from ancient wisdom. It is easily learned by anyone of any age. It is a transformational energy…healing body, mind and spirit. Reiki works equally well when offered hands-on or at a distance. It can also be used for animals, plants, food and water. Continuing education hours are granted for classes.

Reiki - Universal energy through touch

• Classes • Continuing Ed • Certification • Healing Circles • Private  Treatments (animals also)

 Sheila King

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