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Alternative Health Care

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

The Cannabis Health Journal The Voice and the new image of the responsible cannabis user.

Coming off Psychiatric Drugs: Successful Withdrawal from Neuroleptics, Antidepressants, Lithium, Carbamazepine and Tranquilizers

Discovering Herbs Discovering Herbs is a dynamic website designed for people who are interested in a healthier lifestyle and want to know what part natural herbs can play in their lives.

Energetic Arts - Reiki, EMF Balancing Techniques, Tachyon Energy, and more!

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Natural Products & information for pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding & babies

Herb Allure - Scientific research and information about herbs and natural alternatives.

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor - Eliza Carroll MS, Portland, Oregon, USA In-person or by phone. Professional counselor and Remote aura Healer. Help with depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships. Aura and house clearing, Spiritual Emergency. Alchemical Hypnotherapy.

MAMA - Medical Marijuna Clinic, Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Midwifery Today - Your best resource for pregnancy, birth and midwifery information

Mountain Rose Herbs - The Finest Quality Herbs, Health and Body Care

New York Yoga Spa Wellness Guide - New York Area yoga, spa and wellness related resources and information for stress management, personal growth, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Oregon Medical Marijuna Program - We are patients helping patients to become self sufficient and to learn to grow and harvest their own medication.

Sinus Mojo Natural Relief from Sinus Infections, Sinusitis, cold and allergies

Winter Sun Lighting - Bright lights for winter depression


New Renaissance Bookshop

Cohousing - Alternative Living

Cascadia Commons - Cohousing in Portland, OR

Trillium Hollow Cohousing - Cohousing in Portland, OR


The Computer Store - When it comes to Apple Macintosh, we've got it all!

Community Radio

KBOO Radio - We are Volunteer-Powered, Non-Commercial, Listener-Sponsored, Full-Strength Community Radio for Portland, Oregon, Cascadia & the World!


Goddard College: The low-residency MA in Individualized Studies Program is a 48-credit, interdisciplinary, liberal studies program integrating personal vision with radical thinking and engaged practice.


ORLO - Orlo's mission is to explore environmental issues though the creative arts.

Sitka - Center for Art and Ecology

Native Forest Council - Protecting America's publicly owned land since 1988

Permacultural Magazine - Solutions for a Sustainable Culture


Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, and Sustainability.

Health Care

Rapid Eye Institute

Minerva Educational Center - to study, experience and integrate healing into your life


Meditation & Meditating @

Metaphysical Education

University Of Metaphysical Sciences - earn your Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. or D.D. in Metaphysics & Metaphysical subjects

Performing Arts

The Elsinore Theatre - The mission of STAGE is to promote and develop cultural and civic life in the Mid-Willamette Valley through the preservation, operation and enhancement of The Historic Elsinore Theatre and related projects.

WOW Hall - A Eugene Community Center for the Performing Arts

Personal Growth

Awakening Artistry - The Art of Living your Dreams™: Support for career transition and living your most meaningful self-expression in work, love and the creative life.

The Creativity Workshop's - aim is to help people get their imaginations back.

Healing Through Multiple Sclerosis - combines powerful writings on art, life, spirituality, and MS

The Option Institute - The International Learning and Training Center for The Option Process, offering personal growth programs to help people maximize their happiness.

Mental Health Abuse - Exposing the crimes of mental health practitioners.

Paths to Prosperity offers resources for cultural creatives in personal growth and mission development, fair trade and sustainable living, socially responsible investing, philanthropy, and volunteerism.

Transformative Language Arts Network (TLANetwork): An organization dedicated to the use of the spoken, written and sung word for social and personal transformation.

Political Activism

Cultural Creative Network - Networking Cultural Creatives in Business

VIRATO LIVE! - Interactive talk radio for Cultural Creatives

Eat The State - Politics with a bite

European Human Rights Centre

Granny D - We have a duty to look after each other, and we invent governments for this purpose. If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance.

Human Rights and the Drug War - The Human Face of America's War at Home.

Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, and Sustainability.

The Hunger Site - Click the button to make a donation of free food to hungry people around the world.

Reclaim Democracy - Restoring Citizen Authority Over Corporation


Eat The State - Politics with a bite

Midwifery Today - Your best resource for pregnancy, birth and midwifery information.

Mount Shasta Magazine

Women & Children Transforming our World - See the world through the eyes of women with the wonder and possibility of a child.

Retreat and Conference Centers

ASHA - Tropical Yoga and Meditation Adventure

Breitenbush Hot Springs - A Retreat and Conference center in the Oregon Cascades

Findhorn Foundation - Foundation for spiritual living, education and ecovillage in Scotland

Hollyhock - Canada's Holistic Retreat Center

Oregon House - Peaceful Oregon Coast Inn, Retreat Center and Conference Center

Self and Soul Retreat Sanctuary - Providing Education and Support to Manage Life's Suffering ... Discover Life's Joy

The Mystery

(The) Space Between Things - The Spaces Between Things breathe as the Voices of SourceSelf in All that IS

Astral Traveler - Topics covered in the site are consciousness, dreams, dimensions, planetary myth, OBEs, UFOs, paradox, astrology, I Ching, auras, healing and more.


Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy of the USA


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