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January, 2002

9 Ancestral Healing with Paula Noel. 7-9pm.

12 Breastfeeding for the Whole Family with La Leche League. 3-5pm.

16 The Nuts and Bolts of Digestion with Dr. Michael McCall, D.C. 7-9pm.

23 The Wonders of Chiropractic with Dr. Nicole Bolero, D.C. 7-9pm.

27 Hormone Rythms in a Women's Life with Dr. Lisa Polisnky. 5-6pm.

30 Natural Treatments for Hepatitis C with Dr. Keivan Jinnah, N.D. 7-9pm.

February, 2002

6 Top 10 Things To Know About Menstruation with Karen Singer of Gladrags. 7-9pm.

9 Intro to Couples Communication with Steve Brown. 3-5pm.

13 Living with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) with Dan Seymour. 7-9pm.

20 Osteoporosis Prevention with Dr. Korin Rasmussmen. 7-9pm.

24 Mercury Toxicity with Dr. Casey Martell. 5-6pm.

27 Healing Anxiety and Depression with Douglas Bloch, M.A. 7-9pm.

March, 2002

7 Therapeutic Touch for your Pets with Dr. Lauren McCall. 7-9pm.

14 Natural Health Care of Asthma with Dr. Behiels. 7-9pm.

21 Pangushengong with Donna Selby. 7-9pm.

28 Healthy Back with Dr. Korin Rasmussen, D.C. 7-9pm.

December, 2001

5 Vibrational Energy Healing with Dr. David Wheeler. 7-9pm.

12 Practical Principles of Body-Oriented Psychology with Michael Nagel. 7-9pm.

19 Jin Jyutsu with Edana Laine. 7-9pm.

Other Free Events To Enjoy

Parenting in the 21st Century: every 1st Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am and 2nd Saturday from 3-5pm. Call Heather at (503)281-3262 for more information, to speak or to volunteer.

17711 Jean Rd.
2nd Floor
Lake Oswego, OR

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