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Calendar of Events
Fall 2004
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The Reed Miracles Center
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Sunday Circle: 10:00–11:30am. A meeting led by Course Teachers with topics and discussion on a Course theme. Coffee, meditation, presentation & discussion, and the good company of kindred spirits. Come join us! Donations welcome.

SU A Course in Miracles class for beginners. Ongoing Sundays at the Center from 7:00–8:30 PM. Facilitated by Kenneth Speirs. Reading from the Manual for Teachers. Call for more info (503) 452-0684.

TU Text Study Group: A Course In Miracles with Nancy Burch: 10:00am. Donation. Drop-ins welcome.

TU ACIM Study Group with Chris Farmer: Tuesdays 7:30pm (except for third Tuesdays each month). Donation. Drop-ins welcome

Services Available
The Center is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and available for rental to groups up to 25–30 people. Please call (503)245-2094 for availability/rates.

Lending library: The Center has a lending library of books on metaphysics and self-healing and the best and most complete library of Marianne Williamson tapes anywhere! Choose from tapes of any topic from Healing Family Relationships to Death. We also have an extensive library of Raj tapes, CDs and MP3s also on many different topics.

Bookstore: The Center also houses a collection of new books for purchase. Some of our featured books include The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophesy by Gregg Braden and Love is Letting Go of Fear by Jerold Jampolsky.


Miracles-Based Counseling Services
Lori Whittaker, LCSW, Course Teacher and Counselor, (503)291-6123 (voice mail).

Alexander, PhD, Psychospiritual Therapy, (503)639-5255 or email: janalexander@msn.com

Nancy Burch, MA, Course Teacher and Counselor, (503)321-5138.

Kenneth Speirs - Spiritual Direction and Guidance, (503)452-0684 or email: nowmoment@wildmail.com

The Reed Miracles Center
An Oasis for Course in Miracles Students
1509 S.W. Sunset Blvd.,
Suite 1E
Portland in Hillsdale
For more information and to read a copy of the Center’s newsletter, The Bridge, visit our website at

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