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Calendar of Events
Winter 03-04
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Elements of Health: Alchemy of Healing
Home of the Ancient Egyptian Teachings

The Ancient Egyptian Temple Series

Explore the ancient Egyptian teachings of the sacred temples along the Nile. Learn how the astro-archaeological designs and the sacred geometry of the temples activate your psycho-neuro-physiology. Experience powerful techniques to balance your shenka’s (chakras) from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. We will weave practices and ceremonies that include activation and alignment of your energy bodies through the use of sacred chants, oils, dance, symbols, postures, stargates, sound, breathing techniques and other energy practices throughout the Temple Series. There are a total of seven sessions. Come to one session or all sessions for full activation of your energy systems. Location: Tigard, Oregon.

February—Isis Teachings: Temple of Philae.

March—Selkis Teachings: Temple of Kom Ombo.

Journey Along the Nile using Ancient Egyptian Ecstatic Body Postures
Join us for this monthly series starting in February 2004

Times: Saturdays,
10 A.M. – 6 P.M.
Location: Tigard, Oregon
Fee: $60/Saturday sessions

Elements of Health
Jill Schumacher
Meredith McCord
(503) 341-9460/9461

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