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January, 2001

26 Tend the Fire, Fill the Cup: Crafting Personal Ritual with Jessica Montgomery. Join us for an exploration of embodied devotion. Song, movement, meditation, art and divination are our guides into direct experience of the sacred, revealed in the cycles of nature. Jan. 26-28. Cost: $235 ($220 if you have participated in previous workshops with Jessica).
28 Harmonic Awareness: Listening, Breath, Sound, and Sensation with David Hykes and Dennis Lewis. In this groundbreaking workshop, participants will explore the inner and outer energies of listening, harmonic sound, breath, and sensation. Jan. 28-Feb. 2. Cost: $795. See for info.
29 ReAwakening the Heart of Nursing: Integrating Holism and Complementary Care in Nursing Practice with Leonie Wolff RN, LMT. ReAwakening the Heart of Nursing provides nurses with an opportunity for personal growth and competency in the scientific art of holistic nursing practice. Jan. 29-31. Cost: $245. Call Leonie Wolff at (360)748-6050, email or go to for info and registration.

February, 2001

9 Orgodynamics: The Wisdom of Energy with Reed Svadesh Johnson & Christine Narayana Chmielewski. Orgodynamics is a body and energy centered approach with roots in the work of Wilhelm Reich and in eastern meditation practices, inviting the body, mind and heart to open to the greater pleasure in living. Feb. 9-13. Cost: Sliding Scale of $670–$870($595-$795 if registered before 1/9). Call Reed at (206)361-4700 or email for info/reg.
12 Lifechanges with the Chakras: A Training in Personal Growth and Life Development with Ambika Wauters. This twenty day training, offered in five parts, is designed to allow you time for healing in the magic of Breitenbush. Feb. 12-15 , April 9-12, June 11-14, Aug. 20-23, Oct. 15-18. Cost: $4045-covers all costs. Call Ambika at 1-877-774-1812 for info.
13 Fun Loving with Mama Sutra-Kirsten Anderberg. Learn a few new tricks from Mama Sutra in two great mini-workshops to enhance Valentine Fun: Wooing/Creative Flirting & The Sensual Road to Better Sex. Feb. 13-15. Cost: $240. Contact Kirsten through or email for info.
23 Healing the Emotional Wounds of Homophobia with Larry Rogers. Larry invites all people (including parents and friends) affected by homophobia to this safe place, to try on new ways of being and feeling.Feb. 23-25. Cost: $200-325 (sliding scale). Call Larry Rogers at (503)781-6542 for info and registration.
25 Living the Sacred Circle: Earth Based, Native American & Transcendent Traditions with Wind Hughes, James Faks-"Sinopah" and Justin Hoffman. Prepare for a powerful journey into the world of Earth Based, Native American and Transcendent teachings, practices and ceremony. Feb. 25- March2. Cost: $600 (Includes $70 for materials for hoop drum). Call Wind Hughes at (505)751-7161 or for info/reg.

March, 2001

2 Timeless Loving A Gentle Introduction to Tantra with Steve & Lokita Carter. Enter realms of infinite sensual pleasure and bliss in this introductory Tantra workshop. Open to individuals and couples who are ready to take a step toward more aliveness, love and consciousness in their intimate relating. Mar. 2-4. Cost: $253. Call Steve & Lokita Carter at (707)928-6964 or go to for info and registration.
8 19th Annual Contact Improv Jam & Conference on "Space:" Hosted by Joint Forces Dance Company. Conference facilitated by Steve Paxton. An international gathering, this jam is open to all experience levels and includes facilitated warm-ups, open dancing, and optional daily conference and performance sessions. Mar. 8-16. Cost: $575. Contact Alito Alessi at (541)342-3273 or for info/reg.
8 Pathways to Intimacy with Tim Barraud & Linda Carroll-Barraud. Discover how to restore and deepen love, intimacy and passion using simple, non-blaming, research based techniques. Mar. 8-11. Cost: $455. Contact Tim Barraud at 1-888-292-2028 or for info/reg.
11 Yoga with Shannon McCall. Enliven your Yoga practice by awakening your inner energy body. Learn to breathe into your core with compassion and embrace who you are. Mar. 11-16. Cost: $500. Call Shannon at (206)362-8517 for info/registration.
19 2nd Annual Spring Wellness Week with the Breitenbush Community and Special Guests. Join Breitenbush staff and guest presenters for a week of focusing on health and wellness. Mar. 19-23. Cost: $340 Full stay ($100/night partial stay - minimum 2 nights) Add $15/night for plumbing cabin.
23 Chinese Essence - Qi Gong With Kristayani Nancy-Jones. Balance mind, body and spirit in a relaxed yet profound way with a series of gentle movements that nourish the spirit, tone the organs and relax the spine. Explore numerous self-healing techniques such as reclining meditation, self-massage, liver cleaning and remedy routines. Mar. 23-25. Cost: $145 (plus dana).
23 Relaxation, Concentration & Meditation with Jerry Jones. Take time to be refreshed and energized. Learn skills for leading a happier, more fulfilling life. Relax, quiet the mind and realize the peace and vitality that is ever present in you. Suitable for beginning and experienced meditators. Mar. 23-25. Cost: $145 (plus dana).
30 Awakening into the Sacred: Anusara Yoga & Meditation with Sarahjoy Marsh. Anasura yoga is a precise and playful celebration of yoga, meeting each student where they are and yet revealing a vast perspective of freedom and grace. Mar. 30-April 1. Cost: $280. Call Sarahjoy at (503)552-YOGA for info/reg.
30 Breema: A Spring Celebration with Avishai Pearlson and Staff Instructors of Breema Northwest. Breema bodywork is based on a simple yet profound teaching: register the weight of the body on the ground; register the breath; allow your body to be comfortable. Mar. 30-Apr. 1. Cost: $250 ($230 by 3/1). Contact Breema Northwest at (541)344-8741 or for info/registration.

April, 2001

5 Lifting the Veil: Spring Retreat with the Dances of Universal Peace: Zakira Beverly Sensiba, Jahnavi ananda and Pam Sloper. Come, seek and find the heart's treasure, the Beloved; enter the beauty and joy of the Dances of Universal Peace. Apr. 5–8. Cost: $295 ($255 by 3/1). Call Pam Sloper at (503)293-6583 for info/reg.
8 Spring Service Week with Jamshed Ken Storer & the Breitenbush Community. Experience the rewards of service in community. Apr. 8-13. Cost: $195 ($230 for plumbed cabin).
12 Stand Strong: Yoga Intensive for the Lower Back with Hanneli Francis. Discover the joy of life with a more vibrant spine. Learn Anusara yoga techniques and postures that can free your body of chronic pain and strengthen your lower back. Apr. 12-13. Cost: $135. For info & registration, contact Hanneli at (541)471-3999,, or go to:
13 Meditation, the Drum & Ecstatic Ritual with Gordy & Zoe Ryan & Friends. Join master drummer Gordy Ryan for a spiritual exploration based on the musical traditions of West Africa, S. America, the Caribbean, and New Orleans. Apr. 13-15. Cost: $270.
20 Ancient Echoes of Tribal Bellydance: A Celebration of Spring—8th Annual Women's Weekend with Paulette Rees-Denis and Patrice Hawkwood Schanck. Discover the goddess-centered history and healing aspects of this ancient women's art form through movement, mythology and meditation. Apr. 20-22. Cost: Wknd Only: $200 before 2/23, $230 after. With extension: $365 before 2/23, $425. For info & registration, contact Paulette at (503)288-4355, or Patrice at (503)235-6035.
20 Women's Renewal Weekend with Shan Ambika. Limited to 20 women, this weekend is appropriate for new and experienced yoga and meditation students. Apr. 20-22. Cost: $235 ($215 if registered by 2/15). Call Shan at (541)461-8044 for info/reg.
27 The Power Of Story To Heal with Gloria J. Burgess, PhD. Explore, give voice to, and celebrate who you are and who you are becoming using art, song, poetry, movement and time in nature. Apr. 27-29. Cost: $295. Go to for info.
27 SOUL DANCE: Alchemy & Transformation with Zoe & Gordy Ryan. Create a dance temple where the power of movement is released from the soul to transform us. Apr. 27-29. Cost: $270.

May, 2001

4 Erotic Spiritual Play A Celebration of Love with Maggie & Bob Czimbal. This magical retreat provides an opportunity to explore the physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy possible with oneself, another person or a group of peers. May 4-6. Cost: $240-300 Sliding Scale. Call Bob at (503)232-3522 or for info/reg.

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