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Advertising Information

ALTERNATIVES is a lens through which the people of our community focus their best ideas, services, goods and events.

The Benefits of Advertising in Alternatives
Alternatives is distributed free of charge throughout northwest Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. In the Willamette Valley, you'll find us from Portland to Eugene. On the coast, look for us from Lincoln City to Florence.

When you advertise in Alternatives, you're in good company. Most of our writers live in this region, and address issues and creative potentials relevant to our community. Alternatives publicizes and networks many talented practitioners representing healing and holistic options found in our community. Finally, Alternatives is a showcase of those people and businesses working creatively to improve the "status quo" of how things are conventionally done here. Alternatives is a tool to deepen our knowledge of and reliance upon the above resources.

Advertising in Alternatives benefits your individual business and contributes to the dynamic culture of our region.

About Our Readers
Readers of Alternatives have an active interest in knowing the options available to them. They are informed and empowered consumers, making intelligent choices to improve their lives using the information they find in Alternatives.

This area of Oregon and SW Washington is experiencing growth in population, economic base, and personal options. Newcomers discover in Alternatives the diversity of choices available. Let your presence be known by the company you keep.

Quarterly Circulation
A press run of 32,000 copies of Alternatives is distributed free of charge at approximately 550 locations. Distribution cycles begin on March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. You'll find Alternatives in the usual places: bookstores, libraries, coffee houses, colleges & universities, restaurants, natural foods stores, retail stores, offices of therapists & healthcare practitioners, and many others. If you don't find us there, call us.

Dates & deadlines: Publication Details You Should Know

  • Publication Dates: We publish on the 1st day of the months of March, June, September and December.

  • Deadlines for Advertisements: Please submit your ad by the first of the month prior to publication (February 1, May 1, August 1, or November 1). Submissions before the deadlines will be met with exceptional gratitude. Submissions after the deadlines are negotiable depending on production frenzy and the mystery of the unforseen. Talk to us.

Types of Ads
Alternatives has four kinds of print advertising: Local Listing, Display Ads, Classified Ads and Calendar Listings. Alternatives also offers Web Ads on our award-winning website. Deciding which one is right for you depends on your criteria (budget, presentation you desire, text & art to be included, etc.). Please review the kinds and rates in this Media Kit to help you make a decision. Feel free to ask for some assistance from us. We're here to help.

Local Listings

General Info
Local Listings are organized by Zone (Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, Statewide, etc.), and by Category (specifying the services or products offered). Local Listings are formatted in three columns, with your logo art/photo in the left column, the text in the center and right columns, and ending with your name, address and phone number.

Your Loc al Listing entitles you to listings in both the Index (an alphabetized listing of all ads under the Classification chosen by each advertiser), and the Directory (an alphabetized listing of all ad names and phone numbers appearing in the current issue of Alternatives). Your Local Listing also gives you a listing in the Calendar section (five lines free, $2/line thereafter).

How to Submit a Local Listing

  • Text: we prefer an electronic file (email or on disk - MS Word is good). You may also send a disk or printout by mail, or FAX.

  • Logo: Your ad may combine logo art (graphic and/or photo) plus type in the logo (left) column. Graphics/photos may be sent to us digitally (TIF, EPS, JPG files, etc.) on a disk, or as email attachments. Important: Resolution must be 200 dpi or better. Graphics/photos can also be sent by mail (B&W or color OK) to be made into digital art by us. They must be original (no negs or half-tones). Send us a SASE envelope if you want original art sent back to you.

Category Headings for Logo Listings (plus Index & Directory listing info)
Let us know what heading and which city you wish to have your Local Listing placed under. If you don't find your desired category, we'll create a new one for you, no charge. Also, indicate how you desire your Index and Directory listings to appear.

Discounts for Logo Listings
Discounts are available for Logo Listings that appear under more than one Category in the same issue, or a Local Listing combined with a Display Ad in the same issue, or a Local Listing that appears in four consecutive issues (see "Discounts").

Rates for Logo Listings
Logo Listings are priced by word count, with discounts factored into the final price.

  • Basic Local Listing Rate: $170 (up to 125 words including name, address, and phone number), plus your logo, includes: one Index listing, one Phone & Page Directory listing and one Calendar listing (up to five lines free).

  • Additional Text: $25/text increment (up to 25 words for each additional increment above the original 125 words).

  • Additional Index listings and Phone & Page Directory listings: $5 each. Additional Calendar listing lines: $2/line.

  • Set Up Fee for logo and text in new ads: $25.

  • Changes to existing logo ads: logo & text=$25; logo only=$15; text only=$15.

Display Ads

General Info
We place display ads throughout the magazine (except the Local Listing section). Ad rates include one Index listing and one Directory listing for each ad placed, plus a Calendar listing of up to five lines (find info about these in "Local Listings").

How to Submit a Display Ad (It's always a good idea to call ahead on these)

  • Black & White Display Ads: You may submit your ad digitally (by email attachment, or on disk) as a PDF or EPS file. You may also send it as a PageMaker or QuarkXpress document (if Quark, call first) and send us a printed copy to assure accuracy. Remember to include all linked items (TIF, EPS, JPG files, etc.) with resolution at 200 dpi or better, and don't forget your Macintosh fonts!, if you have them. If you provide a printed original for us to scan, make it high resolution please, and provide a duplicate. Photos and graphics submitted for us to turn into digital art must be original (no half-tone screens).

  • Color Display Ads: We prefer that you submit your four color CMYK process ad as a PDF or EPS file via email attachment, or on disk. You may also submit it as a PageMaker or Quark document (please no Microsoft Publisher documents). Digital graphics (TIF, EPS, JPG files, etc.) must have resolution of at least 200 dpi. Include all linked items and Macintosh fonts if available on disk or by email attachment.

  • Alternatives is Macintosh-based. If your ad is PC formatted, we will substitute fonts as closely as possible.

  • Any ad not meeting specifications may be subject to extra production charges. Please call with any questions.

Discounts for Display Ads
Discounts are available for multiple Display Ads in the same issue, or a Display Ad combined with a Local Listing in the same issue, or the same Display Ad run in four consecutive issues (see Discounts below). Talk to us about details.

Rates for Display Ads

Full Page: $695 (b&w),
$850 (color)

Third Page: $360 (b&w),
$435 (color)

Sixth Page: $210 (b&w),
$240 (color)

Half Page: $440 (b&w),
$540 (color)

Quarter Page: $285 (b&w),
$335 (color)

Business Card: $150 (b&w),
$180 (color)

Classified Ads

General Info
Alternatives offers a Classified section in each issue. Your Classified Ad may be placed under your own category heading.

How to Submit a Classified Ad
Please submit the text for your ad via electronic file (email, or on disk). Ads submitted by Fax are welcome if readable.

Category Headings for Classified ads
Please let us know what heading and which city you wish to have your Classified Ad placed under.

Rates for Classified Ads
Classifieds are priced by the word count. "A dollar a word" is a good rule of thumb.

  • Basic Classified Ad: $35 includes up to 35 words.

  • Additional Words: 75¢ each

  • Index Listings and Directory Listings: $5 each

Calendar Listings

General Info
Listings are placed under one of four Zones: Portland, Salem, Eugene or Statewide. Each Calendar runs for four months: March 1-June 30; June 1-September 30; September 1-December 31; or December 1-March 31. All Local Listing and Display advertisers receive a complimentary five line listing if requested. See "Classified Ads" for submission guidelines.

Rates for Calendar Listings
Calendar Listings are priced by the line. Minimum: $10 for up to five lines. Each additional line is $2.

Web Ads

General Info
Get on the web for a reasonable price and discover the benefits of internet advertising! Web ads are formatted, zoned and categorized similar to logo listings. Graphics may be submitted in color, or colorized by us. See logo listings for additional submission guidelines.

Rates for Ads Online

  • $30/first quarter, then $15/quarter (when ad is in the magazine; otherwise, $25 one-time setup fee applies).

  • Changes to existing web ads: logo and text - $25; logo only - $15; text only - $15.

Discounts (may not be combined)

  • 10% discount - contract to place your ad in two consecutive issues of Alternatives, and pay by installment.

  • 15% discount - contract to place your ad in four consecutive ads (one year) in Alternatives and pay by installment.

  • 15% discount - place two or more ads (Local Listings and/or Display Ads) in a single issue of Alternatives.

  • Discounts do not apply to Classified Ads.

Contract Details

  • Quarterly installment payments are available for Logo Listings or Display Ads contracted to appear in four consecutive issues of Alternatives.

  • Cancelled contracts for consecutive issue ads are liable for the amount of discount already taken. Such cancellations must be made by the deadline of the issue in which the ad ceases to be published.

  • Alternatives reserves the right to change advertising rates at any time.

  • Mistakes happen. The maximum liability of Alternatives in event of an error is limited to the cost of that ad for that issue.

  • Alternatives reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. We have our standards, as does everyone. If, in a rare instance, we exercise this right, we'll work with you to our best ability to find common ground.

We are happy that you are considering advertising in Alternatives. Our intention is to expand the creative network of our community. We are all participants in this evolving culture of service and possibility. Let us know how we can help.

The Staff of Alternatives

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