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Journey to the Beloved
by Arun Joseph Ragab

My Peace Battles the Amygdala
by Tim Buckley

by Christiane Pelmas

JoyRide - Honoring the Goddess
by Brock Noyes

Sacred Medicines and the Power of Prayer
by David Gray

The Wisdom of Ancient Ways
by Andrew Clauer

Confessions of a Wall Street Nihilist: Forget About Goldman Sachs, Our Entire Economy is Based on Fraud
by Mark Ames

by David Pollard

Experiments with Bliss
by Paul Westfall

Physicians’ Perspective: Democrats Pass Obamacare: Now What?
by Dr. Rick Bayer, MD

Paulo’s Perspective Advice Column
by Paul O’Brien

Awakening through Motherhood
by Lynette McKenzie

The Turning Wheel: Astrology for rEvolutionaries, Summer, 2010
Small Is Beautiful

by Rhea Wolf

Ways to Earn Off Your Creativity

Creativity is something that not everyone is blessed with. This statement, whilst widely accepted, is of debatable origin. It’s not something that’s learned and it’s not something to take for granted. While everyone has some type of creativity in them, it’s the truly creative people that shed color onto the world. Inspiration and creativity are two phenomena often seen 'hand in hand' - that is to say that most of us have an inherent capacity for creativity but we must be inspired to harness it. Apathy and lack of motivation are two common reasons for a breakdown of flow. A piece on our site by Brian Moore on finding inspiration in any situation has proved very popular with our readers, and to this day we recommend it as a good place to help discover your creative powers, even in difficult situations.

If you’re a very creative person, you may have been searching for ways to monetize your creativity. Maybe you already have a job you love and don’t want to work in an ad agency, and you just want to make some side money during nights and weekends. If you’re looking for ways to express your creativity while making money at the same time, check out these potential ideas.

Craft Fairs
If you want to spend some time on the weekend at some craft fairs, you’ll definitely make some money off of your creative mind. Spending one weekend a month at a craft fair or farmer’s market of some sort selling your goods is a great way to meet people, enjoy the outdoors, and make money. In order to make the most money, you’ll want to sell a variety of goods that you have made. These could be handcrafted pottery that you made, or even goods that you designed from The Mines Press.
Craft fairs and farmer’s markets might charge you a fee to set up shop, but it likely won’t be significant enough to eat into your profits. When you are brainstorming of what to sell at these markets, try and think of things that you haven’t seen before. The market is crowded with jewelry and paintings, so try and think of something that you haven’t seen if you want to have the best shot at success.
If your creativity is more in the form of writing, there are plenty of ways that you can make money writing too. One popular way is to become a freelance writer, and pick up stories on your own time whenever you’re able to. There is always a demand for freelance writers to write on a variety of topics, so if it freelance writing is something that you’re interested in, you should do it. And afterall, as we explored in an archived edition, you don't have to be Tolkien to get your creative writing out there with an audience!
Freelance writing isn’t the only way that you can make money by writing. If you consider yourself a professional on a certain topic and are able to write to engage, consider starting a personal blog. Blogging is a bit more commitment than freelancing because you’ll want to update your blog constantly. Once you’ve got your blog up and running and you start to get some traffic to it, you can sign up for an ad network program to make money.
Sell Your Photos
Are you a photographer? If so, you can make a lot of money selling some of your photos to stock image providers. They don’t even have to be your good photos; sell some of the extra photos from a photo shoot to a stock image provider for some extra cash.
This takes very little effort, because you’ll be dumping off the extra images that you don’t necessarily want. Of course, the stock agencies will pay more for the better images, but if you don’t want to give up your best images you don’t have to.
Feel free to share your opinions on this special feature with us.

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