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Fall 2004
Issue 31

What Money Doesn’t Buy
By Alan Thein Durning & Elisa Murray

The Madness of George W. Bush
A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis

By Paul Levy

Gimme An Oil Change
Drivers Climb On the Vegetable Powered Bandwagon

By Caroline Cummins

YES on Measure 33: Medical Marijuana - From a Patient’s Perspective
By David Currie

Political Insanity about
Marijuana and Drug Use

By Robert Volkmann, MD

Physicians’ Perspective Medical Cannabis Update:
Smokeless Marijuana

By Dr. Rick Bayer, MD

Big Pharma Bilks the Elderly - The Real Drug Culture
By Michael Donnelly

Sabina and the Peaceful Nation
An Original Propaganda In Four Parts
(Part the Second)
Fiction by Ness Blackbird

Waiting for Me (My Being)
Poetry by Asia

By Kerry Moran

Healing and Disability Creative Adaptation to Change
By Elizabeth Zenger

Teachers Under Pressure
The Not So Stealth Attack on Public Education

By John Borowski

Waiting for me (my being)
By Asia

In my despair
I find you waiting
Patient and beautiful
For me to be finished
With that past and start with the next.
Life is short and simple
Sweet and sour emotions
Engulf every being everywhere.
This dying planet
Full of hatred and lust
I find you there
Observing your own world
As I abide at your gates
Awaiting your approval to love you completely.
Maybe beings come and go
Just as nothing is certain
My being will never be certain for me
In that mysterious worldly way.
I run into confused clouds of
‘what if’s’ and whatnot
But I find you there, waiting still
As the cold silence fades away
And I see that light that you gave to me
Even though you were not
The first to provide it.
It grows brighter with each
and every being
That touches my soul.
Those pieces of my broken heart
Seen from the stars, come together in dance
To cherish you as my being
A blanket of protection
That overrides my world
And the sun shines out from the clouds.
That piece of your broken heart
That you gave to me,
I’ll fix it in my soul
As that piece that I gave away long ago
And in turn give you my whole heart
For waiting for me.

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