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Winter '04 Issue 28

Yoga-Agelessness in the Face of Aging
By Brant Rogers

Put Away Your Toys - Poetry
by Asia

Chronic Pain-The Hidden Epidemic
By Rick Bayer, MD

Mind Over Genes-The New Biology
By Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Confessions of a Straight Man
By Richard Marianetti

The Courage to Fly
By Jessie Diamond

Stretched Toward Him Like a Dark Wake
Fiction by Geronimo Tagatac

Of Coastal Hikes and Buoyed Hopes
By Tim Buckley

Let’s Get the Big Money OUT of Oregon Politics
By Harry Lonsdale

Leaving Home: Facing Reality without Losing Hope-A Peaceful Nation
By Ness Blackbird

Some Dare Call It Treason-Wake Up America!
By Dr. Robert Bowman, USAF Ret.

Radical Astrology: Inner Guidance and Outer Transformation
By Emily Trinkaus

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
By Carolyn Bolton

Put Away Your Toys

Shred the Death crone
Waiting by your door
Life is too precious
to waste on the wrong details
Put away your toys
of mutilation and destruction
decide for yourself
What is more important
Loved ones waiting for you
or deathly justice?
Indestructible beauty
hidden by scars and emotions
Talents never seen
A closet human
You deny yourself life
You live with fear
Fear of becoming yourself fully
Come into the light
The Shadows have faded
from memories past
and old torn photos.
Life experience is waiting
Forget what you think you know
and emerge from the womb
of sheltered days
and endless pains.
Break your securities
Come out from under the covers
And breathe the new air
with rejuvenated life.
Feel reality with newborn skin
and see the world
With unseen eyes.

by Asia

Alternatives Magazine - Issue 28

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