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Fall '03
Issue 27

Transforming Home
As Without, So Within:
House Keeping as Coach Therapy

By Bobbie Klym

Mindfulness & Compassion
The Practice of Awareness

By Kerry Moran

Physicians’ Perspective:
Privatization of Medicare:
Fake Left, Run Right

By Rick Bayer, MD

Dancing with Freedom
Unraveling the Tie that Binds

By Randy Johnson

What Would Jesus Bomb?
The Last Temptaion of America

By Todd Huffman

“Bring ‘em On?”
A Special Forces Combat Vet Considers the Commander-In-Chief

By Stan Goff

Signs & Omens
Poems of Asia & OSHO

We Stand Our Ground
By William Rivers Pitt

Radical Astrology:
Consciously Activate Your Unconscious

By Emily Trinkaus

Practicing Death
The Key to Enjoying Life

By Mike Tymn

The pieces of my broken heart can only
be seen from the stars.
They sit, spread out,
one individual from another.
I search, seeking the one to find them. This perfect being
will not be perfect.
It will be flawed.
I will give the boundaries and it will linger, always a little beyond them.
This being will question life and laugh at death.
Fearless and brave will my being be.
As it searches for my heart,
it will find itself engulfed by my love
and protection.
This being can not be touched by evil,
but it will laugh and say that all is merry.
My heart in time will be pieced together missing only one part.
That part I shall give to my being
for safekeeping.
A reward for its troubles,
a light in the darkness,
a path through the jungle,
a shield against sword.
My being shall know that I am not perfect. Both of us shall struggle to live peacefully
in the world.
Then at old age my being shall
hold out my heart and disappear.
I shall smile and sleep.
Finding myself ever closer to my being.

by Asia

A man of peace is not a pacifist,
a man of peace is simply a pool
of silence.
He pulsates
a new kind
of energy
into the world,
he sings
a new song.
He lives in a totally new way,
his very way of life is that of grace, that of prayer,
that of compassion.
Whomsoever he touches,
he creates more love-energy.
The man of peace is creative.
He is not against war, because
to be against anything is
to be at war.
He is not against war,
he simply understands why
war exists.
And out of that understanding
he becomes peaceful.
Only when there are many people who are pools of peace,
will the war disappear.

by Osho

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