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Issue 23

Psychopaths On Parade
By Richard Reid

“Be A Soul” The InnerView with Ram Dass
By Peter Moore

Leaving Home: The Touch of Stone, The Taste of Blood
By Ness Mountain

Ecstatic Moments On the Tantric Path
By Bob Theiss

The Healing of Multiple Sclerosis - Embracing Love and the Innate Inner Healer
By Christine-Yazmin Albright

Radical Astrology
By Emily Trinkaus

What Democracy? (Part II)
By Harry Lonsdale

Physicians’ Perspective - Medical Rights 2002: From Exam Room to Ballot Choice
By Rick Bayer, MD

Toxic Waste in the Public Well Revisited - A Foot-in-Mouth Tale
By Miriam Green

Say It Ain’t So Senator Daschle - Shame on the Big Green Environmentalists
By John Borowski

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace - Wealth Addiction
By Carolyn Bolton

The Celtic Spiral - An Everyday Path to the Sacred
By Mara Freeman

The Ecstasy of Transformational Creation
By Carolyn Campbell

Thunder Rising: A Green Light for Hope of Global Proportions
By Brian Bogart

Intuitive Solutions
By Karen Grace Kassy

One Planet, One Future, One People

There once was a land where our ancestors lived as a single human family. For 10,000 years they grew and grew, until it was time to seek new homes across the seas. Before separating, they gathered for a last celebration, where they held hands and reminisced and vowed never to forget that all people came from one family. And then they said goodbye.

50,000 years passed, and over time the vow was broken. Groups evolved and began to fight, not knowing they were family. They developed dialects and fashions, and belief systems to keep order. Distinct cultures blossomed, until the Earth was filled with hundreds of groups, each assuming they were in some way unique or more deserving of the bounty of the Earth. And they had no idea where they came from.

They grew and grew and built walls and weapons to make their groups strong against enemies, their family from long ago. They defended their land and fought and grew, until there was no room to grow.

Then, on the verge of destroying each other, they discovered that all people came from one family. So, at long last, they came together again to sing, celebrate, and recite a new vow.

“Let us never forget that we met here today as one family in peace on this Earth. We have completed a journey from killers to caretakers and vow to embody the conscience of life; one planet, one future, one people.”
And the weapons were destroyed and the walls came down, and they lived in peace forevermore.

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