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Summer '00 Issue 14

The OM of Parenting and Divorce
By Brock Elliot Noyes

Conscious Evolution Through Trust of the Self
By WhiteWind Swan Fisher

On The Path
By Bob Czimbal

This Burning Heart
By Gwynne Warner

Forests For Posterity, Not Profit
By Jeremy Hall

Leaving Home
By Ness Mountain

Doing Time in Timelessness - The Yoga of Prison (Part 2)
By Sarahjoy Marsh

How to Become an Angel
By Don Angelo

Skeletons in the New Age Closet
By Maria Todisco

Qigong Comes West
From Chronic Fatigue to Vital Energy

By Solala Towler

Dreams of Kindness, Love and Grace
By Carolyn Berry

Alternatives Magazine - Issue 14

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