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Winter '99 Issue 12

Dance Ugly and Drool Eternal Memory Found Through Movement
by Vin Marti

From East Timor to the WTO-The Force Behind the Invisible Hand
by Agatha Schmaedick

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
by Carolyn Berry

AntiOppressionism and the New Age Reformtion
by Maria Todisco

Disneyfication of Nature Beware Corporate Predators in the Woods
by Alasdair Coyne

The Mouse Roars
Forest Magazine

Leaving Home - The Matrix and the Gulf War
by Ness Mountain

by William Benz

Strange Millennial Brew
by Laura Chisolm

Sin of Ommission
by Lella Ivey

Morning Soul Sickness
by Kambiz Naficy

Starry Eyed
by Spyrit

Do You Really
by Ararat Iyob

Do You Really by Ararat Iyob

Do You Really..
Do you really like it or is it just a say so
To pass a cowardly moment or two.

Do you really want it
Or is it just a dream
To say look I have one too.

Do you really feel
Or is it just a hello
To get you where you want to go

Do you really mean it
Or is it just a lie
To get away from having to think.

Do you really listen
Or is it just a trick
To pass the boring part of the evening

Do you really live
Or is it just a curtain
To give your greed a decent cover.

Do you really work
Or is it just a way
To say to all, I've done it like you.

-from Blankets of Sand, poems of war and exile by Ararat Iyob

Alternatives Magazine - Issue 12

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