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Summer '99 Issue 10

Of Humility and Greed
by Tom Duffey

Star Wars Vs. Real Wars
by John Rude

Leaving Home: For Binos, In Memoriam
by Ness Mountain

Kaliyuga, Choo, Choo
by William Benz

Dreams of Kindness, Love and Grace
by Carolyn Berry

Torture In The American Gulag
by Tom Cahill

Fiction by Geronimo Tagatac

Transformation Found In A Broken Foot
by Stuart Watson

Parenting At The Future's Edge
by David Spangler

Intuitive Decision-Making In An Age of Chaos
by Paul O'Brien

Starry Eyed
By Spyrit

Email From Portland
by Kerul

Email From Portland by Kerul

yesterday i moved my things back to the realm of
the goddess palace.
things seem optimistic, raising money to travel
as i have been hired back to the reliable food front,
taking shifts as other people don't want them...
works for me, as far as i can see.
i know the obvious elusiveness of my perspective
is just a preface to my next discursive exploration...
i find myself feeling situationally separate ...
from That... from Them...
However i name it. babylon. routine. mundane
old friends that i connect with
although it's unnecesary, and counterproductive,
to create drama, i am looking at the contrast
between my lifestyle choices
and theirs
alienation is my one response
to perspectives that involve
stability. predictability. continuity of specific actions.
this perspective is useful
i am on the outside
looking in.
or on the inside looking out (more accurate)
this way of looking
helps me remain independent, to
focus on europe in july
although the polarity of it is pretty silly
the seeds i sow with intention get overlooked
because of too much hype
or perhaps the people i am connecting with presently
have other things that keep them on the planet,
without the hassles and conflicts that come from
inner-steller personal exploration.

Alternatives Magazine - Issue 10

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