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Spring '98 Issue 5

Opening Thoughts

Community, Commerce & Consumer Greed
by Joe Nagel

Race & Community on Portland's NE 14th Place
by Ness Mountain

Community Theater
by Rebecca O'Day

Intentional Community
by Tim McDevitt

Reflections on Simplicity
by Carolyn Berry

Community Values
by Mike Swaim

Trance Dance
by Wilbert Alix

A Path To Community
by Melita Marshall

Starry Eyed
by Spyrit

Cover Art & Artist

Theresa Sharrar is an artist from Silverton, Oregon, where she lives surrounded by nature with her family, animals and gardens. “I long to express the beauty and magic I feel from the earth. Each painting is like giving birth and I love it into being.” About the front cover oil painting ‘Urban Indian Girl’ she says “it is an image that grew over a period of years. There was no preconceived plan for it. Along with having an artist friend model, I used a dream I had about big dark buildings looming overhead. These elements combined have created for me a work portraying strength and hope amidst destruction and despair.”

Theresa Sharrar’s work can be seen at Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, an artists’ co-op of which she is a member. For information: Lunaria Gallery, 106 S. First Street, Silverton (open 10am to 6pm daily), (503) 873-7734.

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