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Winter' 97 Issue 4

Opening Thoughts

Stop Pretending
by Catherine Ingram

Drifting Clouds - Hiding Sun Meditation as a Way to Unravel the World
by Frederick Mills

Self - Care: The Basics
by Michael Courtney

Reflections on Simplicity . . The Power of Our Beliefs
by Carolyn Berry

The Oregon Health Plan: Boon or Bust?
by Ellen Pinney

Fear and Loathing at the Capitol
by Susan Clow

There is a Great Emptiness
by Grace

There Is A Great Emptiness by Grace

There is a great emptiness ...
And in this world we seek a thousand ways to fill it.
Yet everyway is but a distraction
that does not fill the emptiness
but only keeps us from feeling it.
This emptiness is an unbearable agony-
no one wants to feel it.
Still there comes a time
when all the disguises become transparent
and the distractions are in themselves
a greater emptiness
and we find ourselves utterly alone and naked
before the terror
of that inevitable void.
Don't run
nor seek a doorway out;
Lay down and cry like a baby -
face the terror and agony
and feel it.

You won't die nor fall hopelessly from life,
But you will have touched, at last,
the root of all suffering-
And only then can we understand
what it is that we must heal.
In this world the experience of separation
Is so tangible-
it is this that makes babies cry.
Our innocent flesh does not understand separation -
it is not true, it cannot be,
yet our senses tell us it is ...
Thus we will seek a thousand ways
To deaden those senses,
To not feel that unbearable agony.
God help us to be brave -
To stand naked before you,
To meet you on the threshold
of our deepest feelings.
Give us courage to face the darkness
of our emptiness
through which is glimpsed
a glimmer
of your ineffable shining face.

Alternatives Magazine -  Issue 4

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