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Spring 2013

Special Features

We delve into the sources of inspiration and how to bring out your inner spark.

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We learn about advances in the treatment of dependency issues and the support available for sufferers.

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We explore the stage in life when it becomes prudent to put plans in place for your final moments.

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We investigate the role of expression and creativity in coping with growing older.

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We take a look at exploiting your creativity to enrich yourself and earn a living at the same time.

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Issue 58 of Alternatives Magazine

Nowhere in the USA has the historical counterculture movement been stronger than on the west coast. From sprawling Oregon to the metropolis of urban California, there has been a devoted and long-standing commitment to liberalization and legalization where warranted by medical evidence.

It's no surprise then that marijuana use for medicinal purposes found popular support here sooner than across most of the nation. In Issue 58, we will explore the current state of legalization. There will be analysis and opinion on the effects of legalization thus far, as well as views on likely developments as marijuana becomes legal for recreational purposes. Finally, we will wrap the issue by looking at the possible impact of a wider mandate for legalization.

Special features in the issue will include interviews with a renowned local dispensary owner. We'll take in his thoughts on current hot-button issues like the availability of California dispensary insurance for store owners. We'll also chat about the reliability and usefulness of consumer-focused services like Weedmaps. Stay tuned!

Issue 57 of Alternatives Magazine

Saint Misbehavin’ - “Put Your Good Where It Does the Most” - A Review of Wavy Gravy’s Movie by Michael Donnelly

“Bless this day as it transpires and help me be the best Wavy Gravy I can muster.”

The movie Saint Misbehavin’ begins with Wavy ending his morning prayer as he always does—in his room at the Hog Farm Commune in Berkeley, surrounded by icons, sacred and silly. And, this excellent movie shows that he indeed has been a very good Wavy Gravy—one who has had plenty of loving help through the years as he’s been there spreading “Peace, Love and Granola” at so many seminal events of the Counterculture.

The movie covers a lot of them, starting with the young Wavy (then known as Hugh Romney) hitting the Beat Poet circuit, hanging out with Lenny Bruce and sharing a Greenwich Village apartment with Bob Dylan. He morphed into a progressive stand-up comic who created the Phantom Cabaret with Tiny Tim and Moondog.

“And I also thought that Richard Nixon was the greatest political education we have ever had, but it looks like we need to relearn again.”

Wavy was instrumental in the early Peace Movement (and still is). Unfortunately, he has severe back problems (six operations, so far) from abuse at the hands of the cops at many rallies. He was such a Peace activist that, for awhile, he demanded to be hauled by friends to demonstrations while strapped to a backboard.

While earnest about Peace and Justice, Wavy developed a more whimsical approach to politics in general. Wavy and friends ran a pig for president. They later settled on running the Nobody for President Campaign on the Birthday Party ticket. “Who’ll lower your taxes? Nobody!”

Plus Special Features and Giveaways

In this issue we are also able to delve into the fashion world and raise questions about iconic products including footwear and retro gear. Our columnists ask where self-expression through dress is heading and we also give you the chance to win items. In particular we explore the world of the eponymous Levi's jeans and pose the question, is fashion harmful to society? If you're interested in this topic also take time to check out our back issues exploring similar topics.

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Alternatives for Cultural Creativity recognizes that, from the context of "dominant" American society, an integral culture is emerging. Concerned with values of spiritual transformation, ecological sustainability, holistic health, political and economic justice, self-actualization and authentic expression, enlightened parenting and truth-based intimacy, we are open to the ecstatic possibilities.

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